Business Competition Simulation (BCS) Game


I partnered with Prof. Ku to build this platform in 4 months and rebuilt it for a better user interface in 3 months using ReactJS. The project aims to enhance students' learning experience and encourage interactions between and within teacher and students with pre-class teaching videos and in-class activities. One key quality of business students is building different strategies corresponding to different markets and competitions. The pre-class videos developed by our project demonstrate the associated economic theories. The in-class interactive game - the Business Competition Simulation (BCS) game engages students and encourages them to apply the knowledge and insights gained from the theories.

We presented poster for learning platform at CUHK Teaching and Learning Innovation Expo 2018 Learning Platform Poster

Platform link for students

Platform link for instructors


Students' User Interface

Below are the rules of the game for students to read before the start of the game.

  1. Before the game starts, students will read an introduction to current market and the firm’s background.
  2. Students have to take all information given, such as production capacity and production cost, into consideration.
  3. Each group is required to make decisions individually. No communication is allowed between firms (groups of students).
  4. During the game, all production costs and profits are to be paid/received in cash at the end of each month (round). You must make sure the cash account balance is positive.
  5. If your company faces a cash flow problem, you are required to borrow money from the bank using the “Borrowing” function.
  6. There is a Board of Directors over-watching the firm’s performance to ensure sustainability.
  7. Any violation of the rules will result in a penalty. The team may be removed from the game immediately if the teacher thinks it is appropriate.

Below is the screenshot from our BSC online platform. Students can enter the system to check general information on the current market and game rules. Student’s User Interface

Students can switch different tabs to see different information sources before they make the final decision. There are some screenshots for different tabs:

Company Intro

Students can see the company’s backgrounds and current balance sheet. Student’s User Interface - Company Intro Student’s User Interface - Balance Sheet

Business Operation Analysis

Students can see the data visualization of unit price / unit cost / profit / revenue for each company after each round. Student’s User Interface - Data Visualization

Instructors' User Interface

Instructors can see the real-time updates of data for each firm and also monitor the data visualization when the round is over. After each round, instructors will lead students to review the results and teach them to improve their decision. Instructors will also lead the class and conduct a debriefing session to reflect & review the experience learned.

Real-time data table

Instructors' User Interface - Real-time data update

Real-time console

Instructors can monitor each group’s progress by viewing the real-time updates of the console. Instructors' User Interface - Real-time console

Data Visualization for Firm’s Performance

After each round, the instructor will receive several line charts to monitor each company’s performance. Instructors' User Interface - Real-time console