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Writing a paper is tough, and sourcing quality references can be equally challenging. I’m trying to organize the literature I find useful and delightful. Let me know by email if there is any research paper you found worth-reading, or submit a pull request!

Research Methods

Diary Study

  • Diary Studies: Understanding Long-Term User Behavior and Experiences
  • Rieman, J. (1993). The diary study: a workplace-oriented research tool to guide laboratory efforts. Proceedings of the INTERACT ‘93 and CHI ‘93 conference on Human factors in computing systems, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Cite
  • Czerwinski, Mary, Eric Horvitz, and Susan Wilhite. “A diary study of task switching and interruptions.” Proceedings of the SIGCHI conference on Human factors in computing systems. 2004. Cite

AI+Software Engineering


  • Liang, Jenny T., Chenyang Yang, and Brad A. Myers. “Understanding the Usability of AI Programming Assistants.” arXiv preprint arXiv:2303.17125 (2023). Cite
  • Vaithilingam, Priyan, Tianyi Zhang, and Elena L. Glassman. “Expectation vs. experience: Evaluating the usability of code generation tools powered by large language models.” Chi conference on human factors in computing systems extended abstracts. 2022. Cite
  • Bird, Christian, et al. “Taking Flight with Copilot: Early insights and opportunities of AI-powered pair-programming tools.” Queue 20.6 (2022): 35-57. Cite

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